A Lesbian Affair

#0029 - Liza Cowan

April 07, 2022 Jess W. Episode 29
A Lesbian Affair
#0029 - Liza Cowan
Show Notes

How do pitch forks, a bunch of woman during apple harvest, and a LP vinyl cover make history? And what's it like to travel the world in the name of music and feminism?

Meet Liza Cowan, an artist, former radio host, producer, magazine editor, and lesbian activist from New York City who lives to tell the tale. She happens to be the confidant and former partner of the late singer Alix Dobkin, who is also featured heavily in this episode. Listen in if you'd like to hear more about Liza's life, her roots in the lesbian feminist scene of the 1970s; what it was like to interview Yoko Ono for her radio show, and how it felt to fall in love 'on air'.

 Things mentioned in this Episode:
Liza's Yoko Ono Interview; Alix Dobkin Obituary (Guardian); Gay Head CliffsLabyris Books NYC; Natalie Barney; Liza's Website

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