A Lesbian Affair

#0023 - Elaine McKenzie

May 31, 2021 Jess W. Episode 23
A Lesbian Affair
#0023 - Elaine McKenzie
Show Notes

Something curious happens whenever Elaine is told that she can't do something... In fact, chances are that every 'no' she received in her life has possibly resulted in something special.

When it comes to the community here in London - this special thing is called the 'Glass Bar', a small paradise tucked away in a lodge outside a big train station. Elaine built this women's space up herself and in this episode she talks about what it took to get it going.

Jess and her explore her value system, the concept of 'butchness', her childhood, and experiences of bullying and discrimination. There is also a surprise guest who used to be a former patron of the bar.

Listen to this episode if you have a special interest in stories from the Glass Bar's 'lost and found' section.

Things mentioned in this episode:
'A History of the Glass Bar'; 'Gay's The Word Bookshop'; Elaine's other Podcast Ventures

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